we are designer, solution maker, and manufacturer. 

knexcn (original knex) is a company with a 30-year history full of knowledge and experience in explosion-proof and cooling field, which is located in wuxi, jiangsu province in china. based on the idea of "profession" and "innovation", fulfilling the perception of client priority, knexcn always provides the most effective solution, the most qualified products, and the most caring service.

with a history full of milestones, we can proudly announce that knexcn is the leader company in the industry. in the year of 1994, knexcn developed and made the first set of explosion-proof air conditioner in china. in the year of 1997, knexcn developed and manufactured the first dehumidifier in china, which broke the monopoly of relying on imports from other countries.

what we do ?

knexcn has been accumulating knowledge over 20 years of production and transaction of more than 60,000 sets of different type explosion-proof air conditioners. products are applicable to petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, marine engineering, aerospace, military, power utility industries and others where there are inflammable and explosive hazardous goods present, and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world. knexcn is an official explosion-proof air conditioning enterpris…

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