ex condensing unit series
bln-series explosion-proof condensing unit

brief introduction:

● bln-series explosion-proof condensing unit can be used in hazardous area zone 1 and zone 2 locations classified by gb3836.14 to provide explosion-proof equipment for explosion-proof fan coils, modular air conditioners and other end equipment.

● the scope of use is petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and other fields, in the normal working environment has the place according to gb3836.1: iia, iib, iic, temperature group t1 ~ t4 group of explosive gas mixture, as explosion-proof cooling (heat) source host for end equipment such as fan coils and modular air conditioners.


product details

◎ refrigeration system, control system and fans are all made of brand-name products and high quality materials;

◎ explosion-proof structure design and manufacturing the perfect combination of safety and functionality, components using a variety of forms of explosion-proof structure, the whole explosion-proof structure for the composite composition;

◎combination is flexible. according to the requirements of different cooling capacity, various modular units can be combined in any combination, with good expandability and strong adaptability;

◎ efficient and energy-saving, accurate temperature control, multi-level energy regulation, and multi-level and comprehensive security protection.

◎ the heat exchanger adopts aluminum thread fins with inner thread copper tube and hydrophilic membrane.

◎the module has a compact structure, simple lifting, small size, light weight and space saving.

options under different operating conditions:

◎ remote control.

◎ shell material: stainless steel (s304, s316l);

◎ heat exchanger: female copper sleeve copper fins;

◎ heat exchanger plus anti-corrosion coating;

◎ refrigerant: r22, r407c, r410a, r134a;

◎ marine standards are manufactured according to dnv, abs;

◎provide solutions for special requirements products.

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