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ex drying equipment
bhx explosion-proof oven

brief introduction:

●bhx explosion-proof oven is approved by the national pcec explosion-proof certification and can be used in hazardous areas 21 and 22 dust areas classified by gb12476.3.

●it is applicable to the flammable and explosive materials such as dehumidification, heat preservation, drug concentration, and drug column curing in the petroleum, chemical, military, civil explosive, and electrical industries for baking fire (blast) medicines and artillery shells (rockets). for drying appliances, baking cores and other uses.

●there are three kinds of explosion-proof signs: ex ibd td a21 ip65 t120°c (heating medium: distilled water). ex ibd td a21 ip65 t200°c (heating medium: industrial glycerine), ex ibd td a21 ip65 t300°c (heating medium: heat conducting oil) for different baking temperature requirements.

product details

◎ pcec certification, explosion-proof machine, high security level;

◎ explosion-proof structure design and manufacturing the perfect combination of safety and functionality, components using a variety of forms of explosion-proof structure, the whole explosion-proof structure for the composite composition;

◎before the inner box is assembled, it is pressure tested to ensure that there is no leakage of the heat transfer medium;

◎ the heating rate is fast, the temperature inside the box is even, and the temperature setting and temperature control can be adjusted;

◎ has a variety of safety protection, such as the media temperature and double temperature protection, media level alarm;

◎ plc control, text lcd display, man-machine interface operation.

options under different operating conditions:

◎ shell and liner material: stainless steel (s304, s316l);

◎ remote control;

◎ heat transfer medium: distilled water, industrial glycerin, industrial heat transfer oil;

◎ the structure can be customized;

◎provide solutions for special requirements products.

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