ex air-cooled chiller
explosion-proof split air conditioner

brief introduction:

●explosion-proof split air conditioner of knex is explosion-proof electrical product certified by eu atex and used for zone 1, zone 2, ⅱa, ⅱb, ⅱc class, t1 ~ t4 group.

●applicable to control room, driller room, workshop, hazardous goods warehouse in petroleum, chemical, military, power utility, marine engineering and other fields where flammable gas or vapor may react with air to form explosive gas mixture in a normal operation.

product details

◎unit design concept is targeted clearly and specifically, unit is long-term continuous operational in harsh industrial environment; 

◎unit cooling system, control system and fan are used with brand-name and high-quality materials, provide high unit reliability and stable performance;

◎a perfect combination is balanced between explosion-proof structure design and production performance, different component adopts its unique anti-explosive structure, the whole unit is composed of various explosion-proof structures;

◎unit equips all types of security measures to ensure normal operation;

◎outer case of indoor unit applies anti-static treatment, eliminates potential static electricity hazard and improves safety;

◎heat exchanger adopts internal threaded copper tube encased by hydrophilic membrane aluminum fins, provides compact structure and attains high heat transfer efficiency. 


◎(s304、s316l)stainless steel outer case;

◎ heat exchanger adopts copper tubes and copper fins;  

◎ heat exchanger sparyed with anti-corrosive coating;  

◎ r417a、r410a, r22 environmental friendly refrigerants;  

◎ wire control or remote control;

◎ manufacture according to dnv、abs and other marine standards. marine protection class ip56;

◎ solutions for special product requirements.

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