ex freezer series
bbg-explosion-proof industrial freezer

brief introduction:

●bbg-□ explosion-proof industrial freezer is certified by the national cqst explosion-proof, and can be used in hazardous area zone 1 and zone 2 locations classified by gb3836.14.

●applicable to petroleum, chemical, military, marine and other industries in the normal working environment with the classification according to gb3836.1: iia, iib, iic category, temperature group t1 ~ t4 group of explosive gas mixture storage place flammable and explosive materials.

product details

◎ refrigeration system, control system and fans are all made of brand-name products and high quality materials;

◎ explosion-proof structure design and manufacturing the perfect combination of safety and functionality, components using a variety of forms of explosion-proof structure, the whole explosion-proof structure for the composite composition;

◎ the heat exchanger adopts the internal thread copper tube sleeve hydrophilic membrane aluminum fin;

◎using low-temperature freezing technology, the cooling rate is fast, the insulation performance is good, and the temperature inside the box is even;

◎ it has various safety protection functions such as motor overload, compressor overload, and high and low pressure protection of the refrigeration system;

◎ with automatic defrosting and manual defrosting function, short defrosting time, small temperature rebound.

options under different operating conditions:

◎ shell material: stainless steel (s304, s316l);

◎ heat exchanger: female copper sleeve copper fins;

◎ heat exchanger plus anti-corrosion coating;

◎ remote control

◎provide solutions for special requirements products.

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