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ex fan series
bdfs, bbfs1 - flameproof exhaust fans

brief introduction:

● bdfs, bbfs1-□ explosion-proof exhaust fans are certified by the national cqst explosion protection and can be used in the hazardous area zone 1 and zone 2 locations classified by gb3836.14.

● suitable for the electrical control of explosive gas mixtures in the oil, chemical, military, power, marine and other industries under the normal working environment with the classification according to gb3836.1: iia, iib, iic, temperature groups t1 ~ t4 room, operation room, driller room, analysis cabin, production workshop, dangerous goods warehouse and other places for ventilation.

product details

◎cqst certification, complete explosion-proof performance is safe and reliable;

◎ light weight, easy installation;

◎ smooth operation, low noise;

◎ aluminum alloy fan, no spark structure.

options under different operating conditions:

◎add shutters;

◎provide solutions for special requirements products.

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